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Formerly Building Futures





We are unique in that we are three community agencies coming together to offer free, wraparound services to current and former Youth In Care ages 15-29 in Manitoba.  


We support youth in a variety of areas including mental health, housing,  employment, education, and financial counselling to assist with successful transitions into adulthood.

Our services are designed to help youth reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential.



Tuition Waiver Coordinator

My role at Futures Forward: I help youth transition to post-secondary. This includes exploring school and program options, admissions processes, and applying for funding such as bursaries and sponsorship. I offer bursary information and support with post-secondary and funding applications. 

My favourite part of the job: Helping youth explore their potential and meet their academic goals.

My friends say I'm: silly, genuine and caring. 

When I'm not working, I'm: riding my bike, making pickles or playing ultimate frisbee.

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 ext 671

Facebook: Laura-Lynne At Futures Forward 

Email: lhildebrand@yesmb.ca

Employment Facilitator


My role at Futures Forward: I am an Employment Facilitator, working with participants to create and implement their work and career goals.

What are your favourite hobbies? I love to spend time outside, especially fishing and skiing.

My favourite part of the job: Meeting inspiring and resilient young folk and helping them achieve their goals.t to their communities.

My friends say I’m: Funny and weird.

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 ext 662

Facebook: Mike At Futures Forward

Email: mtarleton@yesmb.ca


AYA Case Manager

My role at Futures Forward: I am the AYA Case Manager with Futures Forward.  My role is to provide a variety of supports including one on one follow ups or referrals to community resources for individuals who are receiving tuition waivers while in post secondary institutions to ensure they stay on course to graduate from their education program. 

My favourite part of the job:  working with people who are motivated and driven to achieve their goals and to work with and ensure we do whatever possible for these students to complete their overall goal of graduating. 

My hobbies include: watching and playing sports particularly basketball and soccer; watching tv shows and movies (especially Disney) and cooking.

My friends usually say: I am kind, patient and easy going!

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 Ext. 664

Facebook: Zach At Futures Forward 

Email: zallard@yesmb.ca


Financial Counsellor

My role at Futures Forward: I assist and support participants in creating a workable plan regarding their financial goals.

My favourite part of the job:  Seeing the awesome progress my participants make over time!

Life Motto: “Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.” – Wendy Flynn

When I'm not working, I'm: Watching Netflix with my cat (Butter), relaxing in the country on my parents farm or eating pizza!

Work Phone: 204-989-1917

Facebook: Ashley At Futures Forward 

Email: ashleyk@cfcs.mb.ca


Education Outreach Coordinator

My role at Futures Forward: I help youth in care who are interested in attending post secondary education. I provide information about the different opportunities out there that can further their education and support their career goals

My favourite part of my role: Meeting everyone and hearing about their plans for success

What are your favourite hobbies: Sleeping, eating different kinds of food and watching Netflix

What would your friends say about you: I’m silly, sweet and easy going

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 Ext. 668

Email: solea@yesmb.ca


Financial Counsellor

My role at Futures Forward: I provide a non-judgemental, confidential and free service to participants who wish to deal with their financial situation or need help with budgeting amongst other things.

Life motto: When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails" -H. Jackson Brown Jr

My friends would say...I am very cheerful no matter what

When I'm not working, I'm...Netflixing and chilling

Work Phone: 204-989-1905

Email: adetayom@cfcs.mb.ca

Youth Service Navigator


My role at Futures Forward: I help participants navigate challenging situations in their day-to-day lives, including advocacy and support with Government agencies, assistance obtaining proper ID, referrals to other resources and services, housing supports, and service navigation within the mental health and addictions systems.

My favourite part of the job: All of the great connections I get to make with participants and seeing the progress they make over time!


What are your favourite hobbies? I love reading, writing, and spending quality time with friends

My friends say I’m: passionate, empathetic, and easy going!

Work Phone: 204-982-6115

Facebook: Stephanie at Futures Forward

Email: sjohnson@cmhawpg.mb.ca


Project Coordinator

My role at Futures Forward: I act as administrative support for the leadership team from across the three partner agencies. I try to keep the program aligned with the expectations of our funders, continually improve our service capacity, quality of service delivery and explore avenues for sustainable growth. 

My favourite part of the job: All the amazing people I get to meet and work with. 


What are your favourite hobbies? I enjoy cooking, music, and the occasional art project. I'm a sucker for dogs and always down for a friendly game of pickup basketball. 

My friends say I’m: Funny and Honest

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 Ext 667

Facebook: Hafiz at Futures Forward

Email: hjatto@yesmb.ca

By calling 1-888-395-2135 you will be given the option to speak to members of the Futures Forward team.  Give us a call today!

We are continually working on adding resources to assist you!


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Monday November 25, 2019

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a peer advocacy group for young people (15-29) with lived experience in the child welfare system. 

Check out the Events Calender for more information on time and dates.


Monday January 6, 2020

Current student? Current or former youth in care? Don't miss this opportunity for a bursary of up to $10,000! 



December 18, 2019

Learn about bursaries available to current and former youth-in-care!