Tuition Waiver Program

2020-2021 applications were due April 30, 2020*

Tuition Waiver Application Forms
*BU, RRC and USB are still accepting applications

Established in 2012, nine participating colleges and universities in Manitoba have each established a fund to support current and former youth in care. The purpose of the fund is to provide the opportunity for current and former youth in Child and Family Services care in Manitoba to attend post-secondary education. Each of the institutions have their own requirements for entrance, eligibility, renewal, and other procedures that you must meet in order to receive this bursary. You must be accepted into one of the participating institutions in order to apply for a Tuition Waiver and its associated funding. Tuition Waiver recipients who are former youth in care may be eligible to apply for Living Supports to cover the costs of books and supplies, transportation and housing while attending school, so that you can focus on your studies. 

       1. Be a current or former youth-in-care in Manitoba
       2. Meet the regular program admission requirements and have applied directly to the college or university*

       3. Be applying for full-time studies (at least 18 credit hours per year)
       4. UM, UW, USB, and Booth Applicants - must demonstrate financial need

*Please check with your school for institutional specific information

       1. Maintain a 2.0 GPA (C)  
       2. Maintain full-time student status (at least 18 credit hours/year or 60% course load)
       3. UM, UW, USB, and Booth Applicants - must continue to demonstrate financial need
       4. Maintain continued contact with the college or university

Our Tuition Waiver Coordinator provides transitional supports to post-secondary. Laura-Lynne can help you apply to school, choose the right path and program for you, and apply for a Tuition Waiver and other funding to assist you in paying for post-secondary.  For other sources to fund your education, check out our scholarship guide.


Laura-Lynne Hildebrand

(204) 987-8661 Ext. 671

Participating Institutions
For inquiries, please complete the form below: 

2020-2021 Tuition Waiver Applications were due April 30, 2020.


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