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Tuition Waiver Program

Established in 2012, ten participating colleges and universities in Manitoba have each established a fund to support current and former youth in care. The purpose of the fund is to provide the opportunity for current and former youth in Child and Family Services care in Manitoba to attend post-secondary education. Tuition Waiver students who are on Agreements with Young Adults (AYAs) or former youth in care may be eligible for living supports through Workforce Training and Employment to cover the costs of books and supplies and a regular biweekly living allowance.




























       1. Be a current or former youth-in-care in Manitoba (no age requirement)
       2. Meet the regular program admission requirements and have applied directly to the college or university

       3. Be applying for full-time studies (at least 18 credit hours per year)
       4. UM, UW, USB, and Booth Applicants - must demonstrate financial need

       1. Maintain a 2.0 GPA (C)  
       2. Maintain full-time student status (at least 18 credit hours/year or 60% course load)
       3. UM, UW, USB, and Booth Applicants - must continue to demonstrate financial need
       4. Maintain continued contact with Futures Forward, your post-secondary institution, and your Career Development               Consultant (CDC)

Futures Forward provides assistance with education planning and transitional supports to post-secondary. We can help you navigate program options, apply to college or university, and apply for various funding options including tuition waivers. 

To schedule a phone or video appointment, contact: 


(204) 987-8661 x 672 |


For an overview of the tuition waiver program and other sponsorship options, check out our information session videos.

For other sources to fund your education, check out our scholarship guide.​




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