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Transitional Programs to Post-Secondary

Your guide to vocational, college, and university options in Winnipeg

It can be difficult to sort through all of the program options that are available from various schools and to narrow things down to make the best decision. Life in college and university is quite different from life in high school, and it is not always easy to know what to expect or access the support you need to be successful. This guide aims to make post-secondary education accessible for students who face barriers to education. It highlights a wide variety of transitional programs in Winnipeg, which include:


  • Transitional Supports that increase your readiness for post-
    secondary education

  • Student Supports such as smaller classes sizes, academic
    advising, tutoring, peer support groups, mentorship programs,
    counselling, and financial advising

  • Academic Supports that increase your reading, writing and
    study skills

  • Cultural Supports that nurture the spiritual, physical, mental
    and emotional strengths of students

  • Programs that help students meet preparatory requirements,
    such as building a portfolio or completing required
    pre-requisites to professional programs

  • May include life skills training and hands-on work experience

Our hope in providing this guide is that it helps increase awareness of the incredible programs offered throughout Winnipeg that are affordable, accessible, and help bridge more youth to post-secondary education. 

Need help navigating your options? Contact Samantha or Evan to schedule an appointment!

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