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Advancing Future Bursary Recipient

“I woke up to the best possible news I could have on my birthday weekend. This bursary is life changing! I can’t express my gratitude, thank you to all of Futures Forward. This bursary makes my academic goals this fall more attainable.”

Tuition Waiver Student

“[The tuition waiver program] allowed me to believe in myself and really make something out of myself. If I didn’t get it, there was no way I could have afforded to attend any kind of school - with no job, no benefits, and constant struggle. The tuition waiver gave me a way out of the struggle.”

Tuition Waiver Student

"As a former youth in care I never imagined I would have come this far, and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the help and supports I have received from services such as Y.E.S, I.T.E.S, and C.F.S.”

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