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Student Support Case Manager

My role at Futures Forward: is to work directly with youth who are receiving living support funds or on a tuition waiver to attend post-secondary school. I can offer a variety of support that includes: being a sounding board; someone to ask life skills questions, about school or life during post-secondary. Help youth figure out their options and connect them to local resources to meet basic living standards, employment, health care etc. I am first and foremost an advocate for our youth to ensure they have a fulfilling post-secondary experience.

My favourite part of my role: is being in a position to help youth who are in or from Government care find the answers to their questions. Researching their options and presenting them in digestible chunks to allow for informed decision-making. Being able to support the youth-in-care community and contributing to their success is something I am deeply passionate about as someone with lived care experience who attended post-secondary. I value being support and ally to our community.

What are your favourite hobbies: I am a voracious reader; I especially love books about nature, culture or historical biographies. I have a fine arts degree and like to use those skills to build my own pieces, I draw, use watercolours, design jewelry, play with clay and have made my own dishes.  I am an avid baker and sweets enthusiast, you will probably never see me far from some sugary confection.

What would your friends say about you: My friends describe me as ferociously creative, chatty, a walking encyclopedia, deeply empathic, blunt and a lionheart with an offbeat sense of humor.

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 Ext. 678

Facebook: Tina At Futures Forward


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Outreach Coordinator

My role at Futures Forward: I provide information about our services, how to plan for post-secondary education, and a wide array of awesome opportunities to high schools, groups, agencies, and other organizations. At the same time, I work with youth one-on-one as they get started on their unique educational journeys.

My favourite part of my job/role: I love that I get to meet new people and give them the information and tools they can use to grow and succeed at their pace.

What are your favourite hobbies / When I’m not working I’m: Outside of work, I like to cook (and eat), listen to music and podcasts, read and watch sci-fi, and watch basketball.

What would your friends say about you: I’m friendly, easygoing, and have a good sense of humour.


Work Phone: 204-987-8661 ext. 671

Facebook: Evan at Futures Forward


Financial Counsellor

My role at Futures Forward: I assist my participants in creating a workable plan regarding their financial goals and support them in developing the skills and knowledge to reach them!


My favourite part of the job: Getting to know my participants and witnessing the awesome progress they make over time!


Life Motto: “Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.” – Wendy Flynn


When I’m not working, I’m: watching Netflix, spending time in nature or playing Skyrim.


My friends say I’m: kind, non-judgemental and empathetic.

Work Phone: 204-989-1917

Facebook: Ashley At Futures Forward 


Youth Service Navigator

My role at Futures Forward: I am a Youth Service Navigator. I provide support services and am a strong advocate for the participants I am lucky to work with. I provide navigation and assistance through challenging times and help to make sure their needs are being met and any access to resources are provided. I am non judgmental in my approach and happy to help in any ways I can.

My favourite part of my job/role:  I enjoy building relationships with participants and seeing their growth throughout our time together. 

What are your favourite hobbies:  When I’m not working, I am painting, playing soccer, kayaking/canoeing/camping and just generally getting outdoors!

What would your friends say about you: Patient, Generous and Optimistic.

Work Phone: 204-479-1449

Facebook: Laura At Futures Forward


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Indigenous Youth Service Navigator

My role at Futures Forward: I am the Indigenous Youth Service Navigator. I provide advocacy, support, and guidance to those I work with by helping them navigate various supports and resources to make sure their needs are being met. I also get the privilege to provide cultural supports to those I work with through activities, ceremonies, and knowledge.

My favourite part of the job: I enjoy creating relationships with participants and seeing their growth while having fun through activities and spending time together.

What are your favourite hobbies? When I'm not working, I am binge watching movies/tv shows, outdoors with my 2 pups, orjust relaxing. 

My friends say I’m: Empathetic, funny, and creative. 

Work Phone: 204-230-2989

Facebook: Heaven At Futures Forward


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Employment Facilitator

My role at Futures Forward: My role at Futures Forward is to support youth who have been involved in CFS in reaching their employment goals! This includes helping them learn and complete the employment gaining process at their own pace and in their own way, all the while helping them become more confident in their ability to complete this process. 

What are your favourite hobbies? Listening to music, playing board games, spending time with family and friends, appreciating the beauty of nature, looking at art, photography, going on hikes, exercising, pool, Netflix and eating.

My favourite part of the job: I am still very new to this role and I am still in the training process, so I will be able to answer this question better a little later on, but I think my favourite part of the job is going to be helping youth reach their goals! And my awesome coworkers!

My friends say I’m: Let's ask them...

"Weirdo... Lol jk, Chantelle is a highly self aware person, knows who she is and confident

 in herself, knows how to set healthy boundaries, very kind and respectful!" - Y

"Funny, weird (in a good way), smart, beautiful, animal lover, honest and trustworthy." - L

"Hardworking. Driven. Motivating. The most amazing best friend." - N

"Conscientious and loyal and determined."- V

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 ext 662

Facebook: Chantelle At Futures Forward


Post Secondary Education Advisor

My role at Futures Forward: I help youth in care who are interested in attending post secondary education. I provide information about the different opportunities out there that can further their education and support their career goals

My favourite part of my role: Meeting everyone and hearing about their plans for success

What are your favourite hobbies: Sleeping, eating different kinds of food and watching Netflix

What would your friends say about you: I’m silly, sweet, and easy-going.

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 Ext. 672

Facebook: Samantha At Futures Forward


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Financial Counsellor

My role at Futures Forward: Financial Counselling

Fun fact: I have two Holland Lop Bunnies, Humphrey and Theodore

Places I've travelled: Poland and from there went to Austria on a train. I have also travelled to most provinces in Canada. 

Favourite season: I absolutely love Spring! 

Work Phone:204-989-1909

Email Address:

Mental Health Clinician

My role at Futures Forward: My role at Futures Forward is the Mental Health Clinician. I am also a Registered Social Worker. Within my role, I provide counselling and mental health supports to the participants. Together with the participants, I help them establish therapeutic goals to help them improve their mental health.

My favorite part of the job: There are many aspects that I love about my job. First, I love building relationships with the participants. Second, I enjoy being a support to the participants that I work with. Third, I love to see the growth and success of all the participants that I have worked with.   

What are your favorite hobbies? I have a few hobbies that I enjoy. First, I love to travel. My second hobby of mine is walking and spending time with my puppy, Linus. Another hobby of mine is teaching Ukrainian dance and I also Ukrainian dance with an ensemble in Winnipeg.  Lastly, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, especially during the summer.  

My friends say I'm: caring, genuine, and a great listener. 

Work Phone: 204-295-6234


Youth Engagement Specialist

My role at Futures Forward: I will be working alongside youth in and from government care to conduct a provincial-wide research project looking at how youth exiting care does compare to their peers who haven't experienced government care. The other responsibility I have is upgrading the Futures Forward website to meet the needs of our participants.

My favourite part of the job: My favourite part of the role is working with people in and from government care. As someone with lived care experience both here in Manitoba and in British Columbia, I know the benefits of youth engagement and connecting to peers.

What are your favourite hobbies? My favourite hobby is genealogy research because it combines my love for stories and family. 

My friends say I’mMy friends would say that I’m endearing, compassionate, empathetic, passionate and hilarious!

Work Phone: 204-987-8661 Ext 676


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