Identification Needs

We need government issued identification for many things in life, but it can be difficult and costly to gather all the information or documents needed.  Browse these sections to help you get started.  Our talented Youth Service Navigators are also really good at this. 

Government Issued IDentification (ID)

Driver's License/MB ID Card

Birth Certificate

Health Card


opening a bank account

You need one in order to cash cheques and access many different services.

First Nations, inuit and metis

Status Card

Metis Card

Government Issued ID

Citizen's Bridge can assist you with acquiring Canadian birth certificates and assisting in the process of other identifications, such as MPI photo ID cards, SCIS cards, MMF cards, bank accounts, and driver licences. Its mission is to assist individuals with identification procurement, open bank accounts, financial  literacy workshops, and driver education course (CB does not produce photo ID of any kind). 

Ask any Futures Forward staff member to refer you to the program.

The Futures Forward Financial Counsellor can help you out with this!  Call 1-888-395-2135 to set up a meeting or email Ashley at

Opening a Bank Account
First Nations, Inuit and Metis