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Youth (15 - 29) in/from CFS care can access FREE mental health support through Futures Forward! 

Connect with Steven at Futures Forward Today! 

Futures Forward is proud to offer mental health support to youth (15 – 29) in/from the foster system. Using a Stepped Care 2.0 approach, Steven - our Mental Health Clinician, works with young people to

  1.  Build their capacity to manage stressful situations;

  2.  Work from a client-centred approach to help you achieve your mental health goals;

  3.  Collaborate with your other support systems to maximize the impact of each support;

  4.  And, Demonstrate a recovery from Trauma.


Mental health supports at Futures Forward are guided by single-session thinking. Planning is flexible and responsive to your needs, in line with data-informed strategies and grounded in continuous service improvement – you are the expert on your needs and your recovery process, we are here to support you as you need it!

Steven's Contact Information: 

Work Phone: 204-295-6234


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