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Youth (15 - 29) in/from CFS care can access FREE Indigenous Cultural and Spiritual Programming through Futures Forward! 

Led by Elder Vern Dano and Knowledge Keeper Dee 

Futures Forward provides Indigenous youth with opportunities for promoting their cultural wellbeing using the Canadian Mental Health Association’s approach of Culture as Intervention, and in keeping with the Calls to Action put forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


Sharing circles are a part of an indigenous approach to sharing emotions and experiences. It is a safe environment where each one is equal and each one belongs. Participants sit in a circle and engage in listening and respecting the views of others. The intention is to open hearts to understand and connect.  Participants sit in a circle which symbolizes completeness. If you are interested in learning more about Indigenous practices and connecting with others, please join us. We will start every circle with a smudge.


Elder Vern Dano and Knowledge Keeper Dee will lead wellness events at the CMHA MB and Winnipeg Office and the Downtown Integrated Youth Hub - both spaces have a dedicated smudge room adorned with inspiring murals. Events will also be held in the community.

Knowledge keeper Dee will be at the Youth Hub every Tuesday afternoon. 

For more information, reach out the Levi Labelle, Futures Forward Program Manager at CMHA - T: 204-228-6387 | E:

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Murals Adorning the Cultural Room at CMHA

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