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Apprenticeship Manitoba

Apprenticeship Manitoba provides access to training, support and certification of skilled workers to help meet the needs of the Manitoba industry. Apprenticeship is a work-based post-secondary training program that leads to a Certificate of Qualification in a skilled trade. Most trade programs take 2-4 years to complete and they combine approximately 80 percent paid-on-the-job training with 20 percent technical training in the classroom. Knowing the three E's is your key to understanding apprenticeship programming - Education, Experience and Exam. 

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YES Work Exp Guide.PNG

YESMB Work Experience Guide 

Finding employment in today’s job market can be very challenging. It can be difficult to gain the necessary skills, confidence, and experience youth need to bring their best to their workplace and be successful in their careers. The Work Experience Programs Guide aims to connect youth with work experience opportunities to gain experience in their field of interest. The programs listed in this guide aim to bridge this gap for young workers. 

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