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Employment and Income Asistance 

The Employment and Income Assistance Program (EIA) provides financial help to Manitobans who have no other way to support themselves or their families

For specific information or how to apply, please visit their website:

Find an office near you in Winnipeg:

Find an office near you outside Winnipeg:

If you need any help or assistance navigating EIA please feel free to book an appointment with Victoria Verhoek, our employment facilitator who works with referrals from EIA. 

Contact: 204.987.8661 ext. 670 or email:

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Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are a tax-free financial recognition for the impact a service-related injury or disease can have on your life

Canada Pension Plan may pay out benefits for children under 25:

 To be eligible, the child must be either:

(1) under age 18, or (2) under age 25 and in full-time attendance at a recognized school or university

The child must also be: (1) the natural child of the contributor, or (2) a child adopted “legally" or "in fact" by the contributor while under the age of 21, or (3) a child "legally" or "in fact" in the custody and control of the contributor while under the age of 21

A child may be eligible if the parent or guardian (1) is receiving a CPP disability benefit (either the disability benefit or the post-retirement disability benefit), or (2) has died and met the CPP contributory requirements for a CPP death benefit


If the child is age 18 to 25, the child must be attending school full-time at a recognized educational institution in order to receive a children’s benefit.


For more information, and how to apply:


For more information, about different plans for (dis)Abled veterans and other groups please visit:

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