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Employment Insurance

To be eligible, you:

  • were employed in insurable employment

  • lost your job through no fault of your own

  • are affected by flooding or wildfires

  • have been without work and without pay for at least 7 consecutive days in the last 52 weeks

  • have worked for the required number of insurable employment hours in the last 52 weeks or since the start of your last EI claim, whichever is shorter

  • are ready, willing and capable of working each day

  • are actively looking for work (you must keep a written record of employers you contact, including when you contacted them)

Service is now either online, over the phone, in person, or by email.

For employment insurance specific information on how to apply, please visit:

EI stick stock.jpg

Community Unemployed Help Centre (CUHC) 


Community Unemployed Help Centre is a community-based nonprofit agency that provides information, assistance, advice, and representation to individuals dealing with the federal government’s Employment Insurance program and Manitoba’s Employment and Income Assistance program. Through its public-education work, the Centre informs Manitobans of their rights and obligations in relation to these programs.


Visit their website:

Holding Hands
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