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AFM is a Crown agency that is committed to being a foundation of excellence in providing addictions services and supporting healthy behaviors. AFM provides a wide range of addictions services to Manitobans through 28 locations across the province.

Programs at AFM: 

Compass in house youth program: Compass is an in-house program near Portage La Prairie for young people between 13-18+ who want support to change their use of alcohol or drugs. It’s a place to learn about yourself, develop new skills, and move forward in your life.

Community based youth services: provides services for young people from age 12 and up who are either directly involved in problem alcohol, drug or gambling behavior or who are affected by someone else’s involvement. Youth counsellors will now be accessible to existing and future clients from new locations across Winnipeg.

Winnipeg General Enquiries: (204) 944-6200

General Enquiries toll-free: 1.866.638.2561

Native Addictions Council of Manitoba

The Native Addictions Council of Manitoba is an Indigenous owned and operated treatment center that directly targets the chemical dependency and compulsion challenging First Peoples in Manitoba and throughout Canada. Staff, Management and Board of Directors all have firsthand experience in dealing with the same challenges that face our relatives it is by understanding the program participants that we may more effectively aid them in their healing and recovery.

Programs at NACM:

Day Program: this is a five week group that runs Monday through Thursday with Fridays being set aside for personal one on one counselling sessions.

In House Healing Program: this is a five week in house healing program. Participants stay at the facility for the duration.

160 Salter Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2W 4K1

Phone: 204-586-8395 Fax: 204-589-3921


Sunshine House is an 2SLGBTQ+ exclusive community drop-in and resource centre focusing on harm reduction and social inclusion. We work to provide programming that fulfills people’s social, community, and recreational needs. Participants can come as they are, and are not expected to be “clean” or sober.


Drop-in: space for community members to come in for a cup of coffee, a meal, conversation and fun activities. All are welcome! During Drop-In, folks can access harm reduction supplies (condoms, syringes, clean glass stem, clean glass bubbles etc.) as well as laundry machines and bathing facilities. Saturdays & Tuesdays 12:00pm-5:00pm, Mondays & Wednesdays 1:00pm-4:30pm.

Like that: is a program that provides a space where people exploring gender and/or sexual identity can gather at Sunshine House for fun, skills building and recreation. Mondays & Wednesdays 6-9

Brunch: Sunshine House staff prepare nutritious and delicious breakfast fare every Sunday from 11:00am-3:00pm

646 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg, MB  R3A 0S7

Contact: (204) 783-8565


SRWC is a charity that offers pre- and post-treatment non-residential counselling and education for individuals and families affected by Substance Use Disorder, addiction, and other mental health issues.


Access: if you’re just starting out in recovery and/or waiting for treatment, Access program provides the support and guidance you need to identify your options, get sober, and stay motivated. This participant-driven, group-based program gives you the basic skills you need to start recovery. It happens on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon for 3 months.

Exploring Options: if you’re just starting out in recovery and/or waiting for treatment, they can help you explore your options in recovery and build a successful plan to change. This group will help you build the basic skills you need to start your recovery. Exploring Options is an evening, so you can gain the knowledge and motivation to make healthy choices without taking time out away from work or school. Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings for approx. 3 months.

Women’s Continuing Recovery (WCR): if you have recently completed a treatment program or have been sober for one month, our Continuing Recovery program for women provides the ongoing support you need to be able to re-connect with life, stay sober and achieve your goals. The duration is 3 days a week for 3 months.

Women’s Continuing Recovery for Mothers and Expectant Mothers: for women with at least one month of stable recovery, this program offers opportunities for reuniting and bonding with their children, and to help them provide a safe environment for their children. The group will practice mindfulness, medicine walks, exercise, artistic expressions, picnics, play time, etc. Participants are also offered help navigating systems such as E.I.A., housing, transportation, returning to work, and C.F.S. 3 days a week for 3 months.

Men’s Continuing Recovery (MCR): if you have recently completed a treatment program, or have been sober for one month or more, our Continuing Recovery program for men offers the ongoing support you need to be able to re-connect with family, work, and community, while staying sober and achieving your goals. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons for 3 months.

Work Sober (Evenings): if you’ve had some experience with recovery and are now looking for continuing support while you keep working or studying, our Work Sober evening program gives you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to maintain your sobriety without taking time out away from work or school. Monday and Thursday evenings for 3 months.

Family Program (Evenings): if you’re affected by someone’s addiction, our family program provides the understanding and skills you need to cope—whether or not your friend or loved one is seeking treatment or in recovery. Once a week for 6 weeks.

Emotion Management (formerly TAPP): if anger or other strong emotions are a problem in your life, our Emotion Management program offers you the knowledge and skills to regain control of your emotions and your life. The program was previously known as TAPP (Turning Anger into Personal Power).Women’s group: 2 mornings a week and men’s group: 2 evenings a week for 6 weeks.

204-225 Vaughan Street

Contact: 204-956-6650


Addictions Unit @ Health Sciences Centre

The Addictions Unit at Health Sciences Centre provides voluntary admission for men or women with active addiction who require inpatient treatment for complications of drug and/or alcohol use and withdrawal. The unit also provides assessment and treatment for co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions.

820 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg – MB, R3A 1R9

Contact: 2047873855

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